How to Putt Better



20 Mar 2023

getting started

I'm sure everyone has missed easy or three putts on the golf course. This blog is going to be about how to putt better. We will be going over how to grip a putter, have a good setup and posture, develop an effective putting stroke, control the pace and distance of putts, and be consistent at making good putts. So when it comes time to make a putt to win a tournament, winter club event, or even beat our buddies on the weekend, we can sink the putt. After you read this blog, you'll have new, sound confidence in your putting and new excitement when you get onto the putting greens.

Grip Your Putter For Comfort and Effectiveness

There are many ways to grip a putter, but like golf swings, each group should be suited to the players liking. Having the right grip will make you putt better. The grip you decide to use should be comfortable but feel like you have some control. How you grip your putter should stay the same throughout your golf time. Putting grip is one of the critical parts of putting; like a house, it's the foundation. So before you decide how to grip the putter, try various grip styles as if you are buying a new driver. 

It is also crucial to how much pressure we put on the putter when gripping it. We should grab lightly as if we want to be friendly, relaxed, and more comfortable to allow ourselves to produce a better stroke. We shouldn't be trying to strangle it like we are trying to strangle our daughter's first boyfriend, but lightly grip the putter like an expensive bottle of wine. If we succeed, our putting will be like fine wine.

Focus on Your Posture

The next step in becoming a better putter is to focus on our putter setup and posture. The primary keys are alignment, eye position, and correct putter stance. With putting, it's better to be simple. Our feet, shoulders, and hips are all aimed parallel to the target. This allows us to consistently parked on their intended line. Our head must be directly over the ball for eye position, enabling us to set up your alignment correctly and your putter heads to your intended line. A great way to ensure that our eyes are directly over the ball is to take another golf ball when we are setting up to hit a putt, hold it between our eyes and drop the ball. If the ball lands on your putter or golf ball. Then, our eyes are in the right spot. Now to go over the stance. Our feet should be shoulder-width apart and make our backs as straight as possible. This stance and posture should give us stability in our putting stroke, making us make more putts.

Develop an Effective Putting Stroke

To have an effective putting stroke; it also must be kept simple. I'm sure you're seeing a pattern of keeping things simple. This is to keep things easy. A good putting stroke should follow the same path as the golf swing in a circle, so a smaller version of that would be a putting stroke that a putting stroke would be on an arc around our body. All we need to do is rock our shoulders back and forth like we were holding a newborn baby that has not thrown up on us yet. And let the putter head naturally release as it gets past impact. This goes back to having a comfortable and light grip; we allow the putter to make contact with the ball, creating an easy-to-repeat method for producing the same stroke and having a consistent impact on the putter's face. Using the putter made by Robin Golf would be an excellent match for this putting stroke. The non-counterbalance face allows the putter to release nicely after impact, and it's perfect for putting strokes on an ark. With a good putter from Robin golf and a consistent putting stroke, you can rock those checkered pants on the course like Ian Poulter.

Control the Pace and Distance of Your Putts

If we want better putting, we must work on speed control. To control your speed on the greens, you must practice speed control. Speed control is important because it can be the difference between blasting a putt 8 feet by, leaving it next to the hole, lipping out your putt, or having the putt barely roll in. How can I be good at speed control? It's easy. First, we want to set up tees at 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, and 30 feet and putt to them in any order. Then I want us to determine how far you have to take it back for each distance. Think of it as a pendulum as well; it will always go that distance if you take it back however far. In this matter, it's also essential to have the same speed throughout each of those pets. Otherwise, it would be much harder to control your distances; I believe in having a much more comfortable stroke in how fast your stroke is. Your stroke should have a speed of 1,2. One second to get to the backswing of the stroke and one second to hit the ball and finish through the stroke. This will help create consistency with how far you take it back and how far the ball rolls.

How to be Consistently A Great Putter

If you want to be consistently great at putting, follow all the tips today. You must find a comfortable grip and grip lightly. You must set your eyes directly over the ball and have a shoulder-width apart stance and a straight back. Then to have an effective putting stroke, you must follow the arc that your body swings along. To control the distance, you must be able to know how far you putt the ball with how far you take the putter back. And you must maintain a good tempo, and I have the 1,2 speed we discussed earlier. After this, you steal all your buddies' money on the golf course during the weekend. It’ll be like taking candy from a baby.