Robin Golf vs Stix:

Check out the below comparisons and analysis to see how Robin Golf stacks up against its competitors.


Robin Golf

Rank: #1
Price: $799.00
Total Clubs: 9

  • Design and aesthetics are unparalleled for all Robin Golf’s products, which includes Men’s/Women’s/Junior’s equipment

  • Comes with a sleek carry bag, premium leather headcovers -- for the driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and putter -- along with a weather cover to go over the bag on rainy days

  • Each club and accesory comes in an all-black theme -- including the iron shafts -- which is a sleek aesthetic that'll make you look like you've been out on the course thousands of times (even if it's only been three)


Rank: #2
Price: $849.99
Total Clubs: 9

  • A set very similar to Robin Golf's in terms of aesthetics & value proposition

  • Company was founded 6 months after Robin Golf, so it's fair to assume Robin was the pioneer in the "premium golf clubs at a fair price" space

  • Set with the least bang for your buck: $94.33 per club (if total cost is split evenly)


Robin Golf

455cc | 10.5°

  • Titanium driver with Robin Proprietary Graphite Shaft (men's stiff)

  • Large sweet spot that offers extra forgiveness on mis-hits

  • Thin titanium face that helps trampoline the ball into the air

  • Adjustable weights on the sole of the clubhead can be moved to help promote a draw or fade ball flight (no other driver reviewed has this level of adjustability)

  • Shaft flexibility is on the more flexible side of a men's stiff, more reasonable for the target of beginners & casual players


460cc | 10.5°

  • Driver with "High-Elastic" graphite shaft

  • Surprisingly no bells or whistles, just a 460cc clubhead with a closed face

  • The closed face aspect of this club was surprising, as it does not appear in any of Stix's marketing on their website -- a bit misleading from a customer's standpoint!

  • Overall the performance of this driver was run-of-the-mill -- nothing exciting to report but also nothing glaringly bad

Fairway Wood

Robin Golf

3 Wood (15°)

  • Robin Proprietary Graphite Shaft (Men's Stiff)

  • Sleek design and is very easy to hit, whether off the ground or a tee

  • Significant weighting behind the club that helps hoist the ball into the air, which is important for beginners

  • The sound and feel of this club is unmatched by its competitors


5 Wood (19°)

  • "High-Elastic" Graphite Shaft

  • Very easy to hit and the closed clubface will help those that slice the ball

  • Closed face will impact those who tend to draw he ball, though, as it will only exaggerate that ball flight


Robin Golf

3 Hybrid (20°)

  • One of the best clubs in this review

  • Sleek design allows players to get the ball up and out of tough situations with ease

  • Similar to their 3 wood, Robin's hybrid has extra weight strategically placed behind the club that helps hoist the ball into the air: whether you're digging it out of the rough or sweeping it off the fairway


4 Hybrid (21°)

  • “High Elastic” Graphite Shaft

  • Very easy to hit and the closed clubface will help those that slice the ball

  • Extra degree of loft makes it easier to get the ball out of the thick stuff

  • Closed face may be an issue in the rough, given the fact that the rough typically closes the face down at impact -- which leads to pulls and hooks


Robin Golf

5 Iron (26°) | 7 Iron (32°) | 9 Iron (40°)

  • Slight cavity-back with rubber inserts behind the sweet spot, which serve to dampen vibrations and reduce the impact shock on joints/hands when hitting the ball -- as a result, the feel of the Robin irons was unmatched by any competitor

  • Robin's irons are slightly offset, which means the clubface sits slightly behind the hosel -- this forgiving feature delays the clubface coming through at impact, which will help beginners square the clubface up when they make contact with the ball and help them hit the ball higher


5 Iron (22°) | 7 Iron (28°) | 9 Iron (39°)

  • Run-of-the-mill game improvement irons

  • No features worth calling out, other than they are slightly offset and that the faces of the irons are relatively large, which is helpful for beginners

  • Offset irons help the beginner do two things:

  • 1. Gives them more time to square the clubface up in the downswing, which helps them hit straighter shots

    2. Promotes a higher ball flight, which always helps a beginner -- or any player, for that matter


Robin Golf

Sand Wedge (56°) & Pitching Wedge (45°)

  • Robin's sand wedge differs in design from their pitching wedge, offering a bit more playability than the rest of the irons in the set -- this is because the clubhead isn't offset and is easier to "open up" to hit higher shots around the greens

  • A great starter set of wedges that any beginner can use to improve their short game


Sand Wedge (56°) & Pitching Wedge (45°)

  • Stix’s wedges are quite similar to Robin Golf’s -- which makes sense given they had a template to work from

  • Heavier heads help create more momentum with shorter swings -- making it easier to get up and out of tough spots


Robin Golf

Newport 2 Style Putter (34")

  • Classic: a standard Newport-style blade putter, 34 inches in length -- very similar to the putterhead Tiger Woods has used throughout his entire career

  • All-black aesthetic makes this club look extra stealthy, asmost putters come with a standard silver metallic shaft, not one that is blacked-out

  • Putter also comes with a premium leather headcover with a plush interior and magnetic closing that will prevent it from being scuffed or damaged for years


Mallet-Style Putter (34")

  • Significantly heavier than your standard putter, weighing 430 grams -- due to a very heavy putterhead combined with a very light grip and shaft

  • Stix logo on the top of the putterhead might be distracting for players while putting

  • Putter comes with a thicker-than-standard grip, which can help a beginner with their putting stroke by removing wrist action from it


Robin Golf

Slim & Minimalistic Stand Bag
5 Dividers | 5 Pockets

  • The best bag we reviewed from an aesthetic and usability standpoint

  • All-black with a thin, sleek design similar to the popular Stitch golf brand

  • The most minimalistic and visually pleasing bag of the sets reviewed

  • Large leather pockets on either side to add to the premium feel, along with two smaller zipper pockets for valuables

  • Super lightweight: the whole set together isn't taxing to carry for 36 -- or even 54 -- holes!


Large Stand Bag
5 Dividers | 5 Pockets

  • Very similar to the Callaway Strata bag in this review

  • Surprising that Stix didn't go the minimalistic route with their bag, considering many other aspects of their set seem to come from Robin Golf

About Robin Golf

Robin clubs are designed to give the widest range of players the most success playing golf. They're manufactured in the same facilities, using the same materials as the industry's top-of-the-line brands. Thoroughly tested by pros and beginners alike, they'll give you the edge to play your best.