Everything You Need to Know About Golf Etiquette



25 Apr 2023

If you want to avoid getting kicked off the course or getting into a full-on brawl, it's crucial to have good golf etiquette. Bad manners on the greens is like tackling someone during a soccer game - not cool.  To ensure you're not blacklisted from future tee times, let me share some simple rules for acting like a pro on the course. Get ready to impress your golf buddies and avoid becoming the laughingstock of the clubhouse! 

Arrive Early

One of the easiest things to do is to arrive early to the course. You want to arrive at least 20 minutes before your tee time. Many people make the mistake of showing up late. This is considered rude to your fellow playing partners, the groups behind you, and the course staff. Sometimes, the golf course staff will cancel your tee time if you arrive late. When you arrive at least 20 minutes early and check in, you can stretch, get loose hit range shots, and even chip and putt to get a feel for the course. Showing up early will make it a better experience and, most likely, a better round for everyone, and you're more likely to avoid injury too. 

Stay on the Cart Path

Golf carts are the real MVPs of the sport. Who wants to walk when you can ride in style? But hold your horses; before you go all Fast and Furious on the course, you have to check with the pro shop first. The pro shop is the golf course authority on all things golf related. And trust me; they hold the power to let you ride or leave you stranded on foot.  Depending on the weather conditions, you may be limited to driving on the cart path like a monster truck rally. And, if you see holes in the parking lot, it's not a sinkhole - it's just a way to give you a heads up on the course conditions. So, follow the car path signs, and don't let your golf cart become a mud-slinging monster.

Remember, there are two rules to follow regarding golf carts:

1. The 90° rule - you can only make a 90° turn from the cart path to get to your ball. This means you can only drive on the course a limited amount of times.

2. Cart path only - your golf cart must always stay on the cart path. So, leave your F1 aspirations at home when the course is wet, or you'll be walking around the course with a pushcart. 


Silence is Bliss

"Psst...wanna start a fight on the golf course? Just ignore golf etiquette and yap away while someone's trying to hit the ball. Nothing makes golfers see red faster than a noisy distraction in the middle of their backswing. It's like trying to defuse a bomb while someone's blasting techno music in your ears. People do not need distractions when trying to hit a shot or not trying to slice a golf ball into a different country.

Watch your Steps

Another tip on the course is to ensure that you don't step on people's putting lines on the greens. This can alter your partners' putts off their line. Also, avoid their "through the line." The through line is where their ball would go if it missed long, and prevent that line as well.

Keep up the Pace

The only thing slower than a turtle is a slow round of golf. Trust me, nothing kills the vibe quicker than waiting for a bajillion years just to hit a damn ball. If you're holding up the group behind you, it's time to swallow your pride and pick up the pace. Don't be that guy who takes six hours to play 18 holes unless you want to make enemies faster than you can say 'fore'! So, how can you speed things up? Well, forget about pacing off sprinkler heads like a human GPS. Get yourself a rangefinder or GPS device, and you'll know the exact yardage in a jiffy. And if you're really struggling to keep up, tee it forward, my friend. Oh, and one more thing: if you see the marshal giving you the stink eye, it's time to hustle. Don't make them come over and give you a lecture unless you want to be publicly shamed like Will Smith. Let's all do our part to keep the game moving. And if you still need to figure out how to let a faster group play through, check out our handy dandy article on the topic. Happy golfing, speed demon!"

Turn your Phone Off

This new golf course etiquette is relatively new compared to the other ones, but it's just as important. Well, phones are addicting. Don't let them ruin the fun with your friends. Get away from technology and stay off the phone. You must turn off all sounds, keep the phone silent to stay present in the round, and not interrupt other players from enjoying the game. Plus, staying off your phone will help with slow play and make it more fun for everyone in the group.

Look the Part

Your appearance speaks volumes about you, and the neatly appointed golfer, like a businessman or someone headed to church, gives the impression that he thinks the golf course and people there are special. Really enforced a saying, you look good, you feel good, and plague, it's good karma. Some golf clubs, especially country clubs, don't let you play if you don't wear golf pants or shorts and a polo. I also recommend adding a Robin classic hat to really look like a pro.

Lend a hand to your fellow Players

Wanna know a secret about becoming everyone's favorite golf buddy? Start by watching for those wayward shots that could turn into lost balls. Nobody wants to spend their whole round looking for a little white ball in the rough. And speaking of helpful, why not lend a hand to your fellow golfers by picking up any stray clubs or headcovers they accidentally left behind? Don't forget to give them a little ego boost by saying, "nice shot", even if they shanked it into the next county. Oh, and don't be afraid to channel your inner superhero by rescuing any rogue carts or provisional balls that are causing chaos on the course. Your fellow golfers will thank you, and who knows, you might even get a standing ovation!


So there you have it, folks. Follow these simple golf etiquette tips, and you'll be the belle of the ball (or the green) in no time. Your friends will be lining up to play with you, and you might even get a few marriage proposals. Okay, maybe not that last part, but you get the idea.