Our Mission

We believe that golf is the greatest game on earth. It builds character, teaches discipline, and most importantly, gives people the chance to spend quality time with their family, friends, and colleagues.

Unfortunately, the last time we tried to buy clubs, we encountered a system that wasn’t designed for the modern-day player. We were frustrated by the countless choices, high prices, and confusing lingo. Buying clubs shouldn’t be hard, and that’s why we started Robin Golf - to make buying premium clubs easier and more approachable so that more people can start swinging.

Clubs built for everyone

Robin clubs are designed to give the widest range of players the most success playing golf. They're manufactured in the same facilities, using the same materials as the industry's top-of-the-line brands. Thoroughly tested by pros and beginners alike, they'll give you the edge to play your best.

Comfort and style

Who said golf has to be punishing. We’ve included some thoughtful touches to make the game a breeze. A soft grip and feel to play all your rounds in comfort. A slim, lightweight, durable bag for easy carrying. Plus, these clubs are plain sleek and beautiful. You’ll be the envy of the course.

Only the clubs
you need

If you’re not playing in the Masters, nine clubs will be plenty. We’ve included just the essentials–the clubs most used in the game. Easier to carry around, transport, and store, especially if space is tight.

Sweet and forgiving

We designed our club faces with a larger sweet spot, which means they’ll be more forgiving if your swing is a little off. In other words, your ball is more likely to go in the right direction.