How to Stop Slicing A Driver



04 Apr 2023


Do you ever ask yourself, why am I slicing my driver so far that it ends up in the next county? Fear not, my golfing buddy! You've stumbled upon the perfect solution to your problem. We'll have you hitting that ball so straight that the only thing that'll be sliced is the lemon in your iced tea. So, let's get you swinging like a pro and impressing everyone on the course, including that cute cart girl. We will review the importance of selecting the right driver for you and having the correct grip, setup, swing path, takeaway, and follow-through. 

Choose A Driver That’s Right For You

Let's choose the right driver, but not just any driver, one that fits you like a tailored business suit. This will help us avoid slicing the golf ball. We're talking about shaft flexibility that's not too stiff or too flexible, just like Goldilocks' porridge; it should be just right; this will help minimize our miss. Now the weight of the shaft should not be too light or too heavy as well. Having the correct weight will help in maintaining swing speed. The driver head should be forgiving but not sacrifice too much distance. We want distance, but we want to avoid ending up in the woods like Tarzan.

Get Your Grip Right

Changing your grip will fix a slice in golf. A slice is typically caused by the club face being more open than the swing path. Changing your grip can help alleviate having an open face at impact. To make our grip stronger, turn our right palm for a righty and our left palm for a lefty towards the sky. They should expose most of your fingernails, which will help turn over the club at impact. To check if our grip is strong enough, the V shape between our thumb and index finger should be pointing towards our right shoulder as a right and vice versa for a lefty.

Rethink our Setup

The next step in correcting the golf swing is changing our setup. We want to have our feet wider than shoulder-width apart. This will create a solid and stable base for our swing. Next, we want to ensure our feet, hips, and shoulder are lined up parallel to our target. This will help us in the next stage in correcting our golf swing.

Backward Loop

Let's go over the takeaway. We end up coming over the top because we take the club inside, which causes us to cast the club over the top like its bass season. Let's try making a slow circle with our hands, swinging the club toward the target, continuing above our head, then down and above the ball. As we swing, the club will naturally drop onto a shallower plane as it approaches the ball, and your hands will start to release or rollover.

Lift and Turn

Now to make a golf swing with the loop. Address the ball with the new grip and setup. Then we want to lift the club off the ground slightly, then take the club back with our shoulders and get to the top of the loop.

Turn and Release

Now on the downswing of that loop, the moment of truth of where we either make or break our shot. Just trust the loop, and it will drop into place. We should make the loop a smooth and controlled descent like a feather gracefully falling to the ground. And just like that feather, we want to turn into our lead side and release towards the target. We want to release our hands and give the target a firm handshake, like we're sealing a deal with a billionaire business tycoon. So, let's forget about those pesky sand traps and water hazards and focus on what really matters - beating our buddies on the weekend. With your new and improved swing, you'll be hitting shots so straight and true that they'll beg for mercy. So get out there, show off that driver, and make it rain!