Pimento Cheese and Pars: The Masters' Tastiest Tradition



03 Apr 2024

Ah, The Masters. It's where the world's elite golfers gather to compete for the coveted green jacket and where fans unite for the love of golf, azaleas, and, you guessed it, pimento cheese sandwiches. This humble sandwich might just be the most famous item on the menu at Augusta National, and its story is as rich and satisfying as the spread itself.

The pimento cheese sandwich, a simple concoction of sharp cheddar, creamy mayonnaise, and piquant pimento peppers stuffed between two slices of white bread, has been a staple at the Masters for as long as anyone can remember. It's a Southern classic that found its way into the hearts of golf fans not just for its taste, but for its tradition and affordability.

But how did this cheesy delight become synonymous with one of golf's most prestigious tournaments? Well, like many great traditions, it started by accident. Augusta National, seeking to offer affordable, quick, and tasty food options to its patrons, stumbled upon the pimento cheese sandwich. It was an instant hit, emblematic of Southern hospitality and simplicity.

Today, the pimento cheese sandwich remains a must-have for attendees, a tasty symbol of The Masters' commitment to tradition, nostalgia, and the simple joys of a good sandwich while enjoying the beauty of Augusta National. It’s a little bite of history, one cheesy slice at a time.

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