Putting Precision for Young Golfers: 3 Fun Drills to Elevate Their Game



18 Jan 2024

At Robin Golf, we understand the joy and importance of introducing young golfers to the game, and mastering putting is a crucial step towards golfing excellence.

In this blog post, we'll explore three putting drills designed to enhance precision and skill in our budding golf enthusiasts. As you embark on this journey to improve putting with your Robin Golf Clubs, the experience becomes not just a practice session but a delightful adventure for your young golfers.

1. The Clockwork Challenge:

Objective: Develop distance control and accuracy.
Setup: Utilize twelve tees to create a clock-like formation around the hole, with each tee representing an hour on the clock. Start with a short putt at 3 o'clock and gradually increase the distance with each subsequent tee.
How to Play:
- Guide your young golfer to putt from each tee, progressing clockwise.
- The challenge is to complete the entire clock without missing a putt, promoting precise control with every stroke.
- For added excitement, time your junior golfer and record their progress with their Robin Golf Clubs.

Variation: Incorporate playful challenges by placing Robin Golf obstacles strategically around the clock for added flair.

2. Gatekeeper Drill:

Objective: Enhance putting accuracy through a narrow path.
Setup: Create a gate using two alignment sticks or clubs placed a putter's width apart about three feet from the hole.
How to Play:
- Encourage your young golfer to putt through the gate, focusing on the center of the putter face for a straight and controlled stroke.
- Gradually increase the difficulty by moving the gate farther from the hole or narrowing the gap between the sticks.
- Emphasize the importance of precision and control with Robin Golf Clubs, ensuring a smooth and accurate putt.

Variation: Challenge your young golfer to imagine a story where the gate is a magical portal, adding a touch of imagination to the practice.


3. Collector Challenge:

Objective: Hone precision and distance judgment.
Setup: Place a coin or a ball marker approximately three feet away from the hole.
How to Play:
- Guide your junior golfer to take turns putting the ball and aiming to have it stop as close to the coin as possible without touching it.
- Celebrate successful attempts and strategize as a team to improve placement with each subsequent putt.
- Rotate the role of "Coin Collector" for each round, promoting shared achievements within the family.

Variation: Increase the challenge by using a smaller coin or marker.

With Robin Golf Clubs, every putting practice session becomes an opportunity for young golfers to refine their skills with joy and enthusiasm. As you incorporate these engaging putting drills into your routine, witness the improvement in precision and control, paving the way for a promising golfing journey. Visit our website to explore our premium selection of junior golf clubs, ensuring your young golfer has the perfect tools to master the greens and achieve golfing excellence.