How We Rate

A thorough and in-depth evaluation was made of each beginner’s set in this review.
  • The review was executed by a former D1 collegiate golfer with an in-depth knowledge of golf clubs and golf club manufacturing.
  • Each set was hit blind, which means that the branding was hidden from our reviewer to ensure as much objectivity as possible.
  • Branding was considered after the fact when submitting reviews for 'Aesthetics,’ specifically.

It is important to note that each golfer is different and thus some sets may work better for some than others, and vice versa. That’s why it is important to read the details of each review, as not all of the sets have the same number of clubs, club selection, or even putter shape.


We base our ratings on six basic attributes:

1. Overall Performance (30%)

A comprehensive score for the performance of the set as a whole. It accounts for questions like:
  • Do the gaps in iron lofts make sense?
  • How versatile is the set when it comes to the short game?
  • How forgiving are the clubs in general?

2. Feel & Sound (15%)

Measures how the clubs feel and sound when they come off of the clubface.

3. Aesthetics (10%)

Measures the general aesthetics of not only the bag and accessories, but of the clubs themselves. How a club looks and sets up to the ground can instill confidence in a player, but it can also do the opposite. There’s some truth to the phrase: “look good, play good,” after all!

4. Durability (10%)

Measures how well the set will stand the test of time. Some manufacturers cut corners with their beginner’s sets and use inferior materials, while others spend the money to do it right.

5. Innovation (15%)

Measures how a set’s technology advances the category… or doesn’t.

6. Value (20%)

An assessment of the price of the set and how that correlates with what is included in it.